hp-mainFire Morels are renowned for their earthy taste and pleasing texture, the morel is a rare delicacy prized by chefs and mushroom hunters alike.

Most of the Canadian mushrooms are exported to French and European restaurants.

Morels are one of the few mushrooms associated with wildfire in British Columbia forests.  Wild morels from British Columbia forests comprise a multi-million dollar non-timber forest products industry.

My book Fire Morels for Profit explains how to pick the morel so that buyers will give top dollar, what equipment is needed and where to find picking spots.

Doris Price

Morel Mushroom Timeline

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Picking Fire Morels For Profit

My book Fire Morels For Profit tells you how to pick the mushrooms and explains what buyers are looking for. It is discouraging to have your mushrooms rejected because you failed to follow the buyers standard for acceptable mushrooms.


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