Morel FAQ

How should I harvest Fire morels?
Mushroom image
Many believe you should pinch the morel right at ground level. Of course one could use a knife or a chain saw depending on how big, but a simple pinch and twist will usually do. There are several reasons for this. One it helps keep dirt that is on the root from making a mess of the rest of the morels in your bag. The other reason which again is another theory, but it is believed that by leaving the root you are assuring that the patch will reproduce next season.

Can I find mushrooms at the same place next year?

Yes. If the conditions are favorable, the fungus living in the soil will create new fruits in the next autumn. Mycels (fungus networks) can live for a very long time and achieve enormous expansions, but only under ideal conditions they form their fruits. Therefore it can happen that you can’t find any mushroom in one year, but there can be lots of them a year later at the same place.

Where Can I find Morel Mushrooms?

Begin your journey in last years forest fire area. Look for the morel peeking up through leaves or other forest debris near the base of dead trees or near streams or rivers. Frequently, just the tip of the morel will be visible so careful searching is important.

How come I can’t find any Morel Mushrooms?

This is a tough question for any morel hunter to answer and who hasn’t or doesn’t ask this question? Yes, even the most experienced hunter wonders this at times. There are lots of variables; your region, your season, the weather, timing, and maybe the most mysterious is the spore that produces the morel.  Not every area you venture into will have that patch waiting for you so keep searching. Often times hunters will continually search an area that has produced in the past and for reasons sometimes unknown, they will come up empty. As stated before, this too is the mystery of the morel.