Chanterelle Mushrooms

Chanterelle Mushrooms (Use knife to cut stalks)

These mushrooms have a bright yellow to orange cap with a wavy margin. The cap becomes depressed in the middle and looks funnel shaped as the mushroom matures. The stem has the same colour as the cap. Shallow gills or ridges extend from the cap part way down the stem. These mushrooms have an apricot fragrance and a peppery after taste when eaten raw.

Chanterelles are found in jackpine stands that have a groundcover of reindeer lichen. Excessive tramping in the forest when conditions are dry will damage the lichen which is essential for the growth of these mushrooms. Therefore, avoid searching for wild mushrooms when the groundcover is dry.

Chanterelles begin to appear around mid-July and continue producing if conditions are favourable until freeze-up. These mushrooms rarely have worms in them compared to some of the other species.

Chanterelles can sometimes be confused with Jack O’Lantern (Omphalotus olearius) which have a bright yellow colour, grow in large clusters around stumps and give off a greenish glow when placed in the dark. Jack O’Lantern are poisonous and should not be touched.

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