Thanks Doris for this informative book. It really helped me figure out where the morels were and how to prepare them for the buyers. That was quite an experience. Looking forward to next years hunting. Heather Bucchose, Now a confirmed mushroom picker.


So glad I had your book—it helped to identify the “Brain” morel and to decide where to look for the fire morels. They are so hard to see, hiding in the leaves. But as you say¬† where there is one there is many. It is so exciting when you do finally find them peeking through the leaves. Kathy Hawley, a new comer to picking fire morels.

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Morel Mushroom Timeline

Thanks for beautiful photography StumpJumper

Picking Fire Morels For Profit

My book Fire Morels For Profit tells you how to pick the mushrooms and explains what buyers are looking for. It is discouraging to have your mushrooms rejected because you failed to follow the buyers standard for acceptable mushrooms.


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