Selling your Fire Morel Mushrooms

If you’re lucky, you’ll be picking in an area that’s productive enough for buyers to come set-up road site selling stations in your location. If there aren’t any buyers in the area, you should make sure to contact possible buyers before you head out to see how many mushrooms they’ll take and what price they’ll pay. Alternatively, you can also contact local restaurants and markets to see if you can directly sell your mushroom to them.

When selling to buying stations, remember that prices can differ day to day as morels are very much a supply and demand business. Prices are usually the best at the beginning of the season and gradually fall as the picking season continues.

One thought on “Selling your Fire Morel Mushrooms”

  1. hi there my name is tony and i have been pickin for over 20 years and i am looking
    for local buyer’s in the restraunt field (preferably expensive restraunts), with great
    chefs who injoy a variaty of edible shrooms i pick in my local area and abroud.I
    produce fine qulity fresh and dried mushrooms of choice as they come into season.
    right now thunder mushrooms are available and are very edible with the morell
    mushroom also being harvested shortly.Thunder mushrooms our a traditional food
    for natives and seem to be not on the market for sale people confuse it with field
    mushrooms they our one of the best edible spring mushroom i have ever tasted and if not on the market it should be .I also know of other mushrooms that grow close to the fall like cotton wood and sand mushrooms their very edible, and grow in my area in abundants also scarse on the market and very edible and can be dried as well.some others include ouster,chantrell,king bol,lobster ect….i live in merritt bc and need buyers for up coming season {no station buyers please)I feel station buyers don’t understand what a professional picker will do to pick mushrooms and will go to great lengths to get them .i consider myself a professional picker and know what i should be making for top qulity fresh or dried mushrooms.This is why i manly dry mushrooms near the end of the season to keep for when mushrooms are in high demand like the dried morells and thunder shrooms. Well drop me a line if you want to put in any orders or if you have any restraunt owners that want an order . Test mushrooms are free and will send 1/2 a pound as a pre order test and will send more for a price if they like them.get your thunder mushroooms now accepting oorders now
    Ph 250-378-6144 . By the way i like your site i find your info fabulous.well happy picin.

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